July 8, 2020
Michael Jordan's Playground

Michael Jordan’s Playground the greatest documentary

Michael Jordan’s Playground the greatest documentary




Michael Jordan’s Playground is the greatest documentary about the Greatest of All Time. The film tells the raw and inspiring story about No. 23’s love for the game and where it all began—the playground.

A young player struggles with being cut from his high school basketball team the same way Jordan was infamously cut from his own high school varsity team. Boom! In drops the legend himself to give the player guidance and support.

The six-time NBA champion narrates Playground in a way that allows the viewer to see the game through Jordan’s eyes, highlighting MJ as the complete player, including his impressive defensive influence and improvement as a passer.

The best parts of Playground are clips that show Jordan making clutch play after clutch play when the game was on the line. He absolutely loved the final minutes, when the ball and the game were in his hands.



The documentary discusses topics like the “Jordan Rules,” his battles with Dominique Wilkins and Joe Dumars and how the Pistons challenged him more than any other team. Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone and Isaiah Thomas also appear in the film.

NBA players weigh in on their favorite Jordan dunk including the open floor breakaway, “in your face jam” and the ever-famous “leaner.” The effortless way Jordan dunked is equivalent to today’s graceful three-point shot of Steph Curry.

Michael unashamedly dancing at the very end of the film solidifies his title as the G.O.A.T. Playground is a must-watch for any Jordan fan.

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